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“Accelerating GPU software development”

Nvidia recently announced the availability of CUDA 7 Release Candidate (RC).  The production version should follow soon.  CUDA 7 continues the long evolution of the CUDA language and products for Nvidia Tesla GPU’s.  CUDA 7 is available in the current version of CUDA Toolkit.  You’ll have to be a CUDA Registered Developer to get the RC version, but of course the production version will be available to the general public.


CUDA 7 includes many new capabilities that should improve the development and performance of GPU-enabled applications.

  • C++11 Support.  C++11 was released a few years ago (2011).  It includes a long list of new language extensions, Standard Template Library (STL) enhancements, and language usability improvements.
  • Thrust v.1.8.  Substantial performance improvements in various Thrust algorithms, such as sort, merge, scan and others.  Speedups ranging from 15% – 300%.
  • cuSOLVER.  A new numerical library for sparse and dense linear solvers.
  • cuFFT.  Up to 3X performance improvements for Fast Fourier Transform routines.
  • Runtime Compilation Library.  Permits highly-tuned, data-dependent runtime compilation of code.
  • GPU Core Dumps.  Improves code debugging by providing GPU core dumps along with CPU core dumps.
  • Memcheck Tools.  Minimize software defects by tracking and reporting uninitialized global memory.
  • IBM Power8.   Supports the new IBM Power8 CPU architecture.

We’ll be applying CUDA 7 in our ongoing development efforts to GPU-enable Next Generation Sequencing data analysis pipelines.  Stay tuned for updates on this endeavor.


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